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Time to start over…

It seems alot of things fell by the wayside over the past year. Not only blogging took a back seat but knitting and spinning did as well. There have been some changes in my spinning wheel herd (more than a few!) this year and I will update you on those in the coming weeks. I am looking to get back to my knitting! It’s true I find it frustrating at times but I will only improve if I stick to it! I have a couple projects on the needles but I also frogged a few since I was last here. Too many unfinished things starts to wear so they have to be frogged or finished. I’m hoping the blog will keep me accountable on some level if only to myself! Glad to be back! See ya soon!


Starting over

Starting over

This is my MerinoRomneyX ewe lamb from last year – she was a SUPRISE but hse is such a pretty girl and her fleece is gorgeous! I will hopefully has pics of her in the next couple of weeks so you can see how she has grown up.

UFO’s and a New Kid in Town!!!

tap….tap….tap….hello? Oh it’s been quiet in here!!! The end of one year and beginning of another sure throws us all into a tizzy. I think it will be March before some of my co workers recover from “the end of the year!” Last time I talked about UFO’s and goals for the new year. I am not one to trot out my resolutions for the year because in my experience most of those fall by the wayside before 30 days is up. I do however have some areas of my life where I am trying to slow down and take time to smell the roses. I have a tendency to be a project girl always with the end in sight and focused on the fastest way to get there, I am realizing it’s not always about the results but what you learn in the process. I’m working on it.  And so I gathered my UFO’s for a group shot and thought I would show you what’s on my needles….

 As you can see I have several things to choose from when it’s time to knit. I have an hour for lunch at the new job so I am hoping to get a few stitches in here and there at lunchtime. I must remember it’s about the process! At home however knitting has not been the first thing on my mind! As of last Monday there is a new kid in town and boy am I in LOVE!!! Her name is Sabrina and and she is the newest wheel introduced by Carson Cooper. She is a single treadle double drive folding travel wheel made out of Claro and Eastern Walnut accented with just a touch of maple burl. She has an iron wheel and flyer and weighs in at less then 8lbs. The Sabrina is also available in Cherry and Birdseye Maple and other woods depending on availability so the weight may vary a little. Anyone who knows me knows I am picky about my wheels. I have owned and sold an Ashford traditional, Lendrum folding wheel, Majacraft Rose, Fricke S-160DT, Ashford traveller and a DT Journeywheel that will be for sale soon. I currently own a 30″ Ashford Elizabeth, a DT Lennox Bonnie, a ST Ashford Traveller that is on loan to a new spinner, and a ST Hitchhiker that was a gift from DH in 2006 as well as the Sabrina. I haven’t had this little wheel long but I have played with a couple of different types of fiber and I don’t think there is anything I would want to spin that I couldn’t spin on Sabrina. If you’re in the market for a new wheel you can get more info here. No affiliation I am just a VERY happy customer!!

I will leave you with some photos of Sabrina and a remimder to let me know what’s up in your neck of the woods. Do you have and LYS that needs to be featured as a Yarn Pusher?? What about your mittens for NaKniMitMo??? How many UFO’s do you have? Did you make a resolution for 2012?? Did you order a Sabrina???? Inquiring minds wanna know???

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